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Installation and Maintenance

Rain Barrel Precautions:

  • Most importantly - Never allow children to play or climb on rain barrels! Children should never operate a rain barrel unsupervised. Climbing on, or tipping over could be dangerous.
  • Never operate a rain barrel without a Top. The top keeps mosquitoes, leaves, debris and people from entering your rain barrel. 
  • Never operate a defective or structurally unsound rain barrel. Drain it, then repair or replace.
  • Rain barrels are heavy once filled with water, about 400 lbs.
  • Rain Barrels are for plants only and are not to be used for Pet or Human drinking water.
  • Do not use if your house has Asbestos roofing shingles.


  • Keep your gutters free of leaves, pine needles other debris, especially in the Fall. In the Spring, buds can accumulate in your gutters and and gutter extension as well. Remove as needed.
  • Keep the Top free of leaves and debris.
  • You may clean the inside of your rain barrel, if needed, by spraying out with a hose and then draining it. If you keep most of the leaves out, you may have to do nothing at all.
  • Occasionally inspect and check your over-flow hose, connections and make sure your water flow is flowing properly - down the gutter's downspout, into the rain barrel and excess water exiting from there... 




Brookhaven Rain Barrels currently does not offer installation service. We do offer free tips and advice to our customers. Please see installation tips below.


Installing a rain barrels is a fairly easy job that most people do themselves. Otherwise, please get help if needed. 


Before you start, make sure that your gutter is clear of debris. Please see photos (below) for references.


1. Select a place for your rain barrel under a down spout on level, solid ground free of any rocks, roots or debris that can make your rain barrel rock from side to side. Remove leaves and organic material that will make your base soft and unsecured. Level the ground with a shovel or rake if needed. 

2.  We recommend raising your barrel a few inches by placing it on top of flat landscape / paver-type stones. Make sure your pavers are sturdy and level. Raising your rain barrel a few inches off of the ground will give you more water pressure (range) and make it easier to reach for the faucet or use a watering can...allow 1-3 inches or more of extra surface area on all sides of the foundation for the bottom of you rain barrel.

3. Place the rain barrel in position

5. Flex out (extend) your flexible gutter attachment several inches. Using your flexible gutter extension as a guide, cut the gutter downspout with a metal hack saw or metal cutting pliers, about 2--3 feet above the top of your rain barrel. In some cases the gutter doesn't have to be cut. Simply remove any gutter braces (straps) and remove that section of the gutter. The gutter extensions extent up to 50 inches so an exact measurement is not needed because the gutter flexes like an accordion.  

6. Attach the gutter extension to the downspout and secure with two screws (optional, but recommended). Rest the other end on the top of your rain barrel.


level the ground below your paver stones

Using your Gutter Extension as a guide,
cut your downspout

Attach your Flexible Gutter Extension,
and put your rain barrel in place.





Brookhaven Rain Barrel models are Patented Designs listed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), represented by law firm Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C. 2008.