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2019 Our unique Terra Cotta style rain barrels, normally $259 are only $169 while supplies last. Sorry local pickup in Altanta or New Olreans only.
Our rain barrels are unique. They're not mass produced by machine from plastic like most rain barrels. We use multiple colors and various surface textures that give these beautifully crafted rain barrels the look of antique pottery and urns. Our rain barrels are designed to enhance your landscaping, not detract from it.  


Terra Cotta Rain Barrel

Our most popular rain barrel over the last few years has been the terra cotta colored rain barrel. It’s imperfect surface with a blend of colors give this rain barrel the look of an old terra cotta clay planter. 


Just redirect you gutter's down spout to the top of this low maintenance rain barrel  and the leaves and debris will be filtered out while the rain water is captured.



Terra Cotta style



Our rain barrels are designed to blend in with a variety of colors and looks from natural stone to painted surfaces, and even brick.



With this rain barrel, you can improve the look of your yard, grow great looking flowers and recycle rain water all at the same time! 










  • All Brass faucets from the American Value Company or Mueller Faucets.
  • A standard garden hose can attach to the faucet.
  • 8 foot Overflow value and hose (included) allows excess water to be removed and redirected.
  • This model has a patented design with a top (cover / lid) that keeps leaves out but lets the water in. It’s best to keep your gutters clear, but if some leaves or debris makes it from your downspout, it will be deposited on the cover for easy removal.
  • The Terra Cotta colored rain barrel is about 35 pounds and stores about 55 gallons
For more information:
Please feel free to email or call us for more information.
In Atlanta by appointment, please call,

How to purchase:

Terra Cotta colored -  $259. (quantity breaks with 2 or more)
Unlike most suppliers, our rain barrels come fully assembled. Includes top and a 8 foot overflow hose. 

(We accept checks and cash. Sorry we do not accept credit cards at this time)



How to receive rain barrels:
1. Delivery - Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. New Orleans - coming soon!

2. Local Atlanta pick-up, please set an appointment. New Orleans - coming soon!

3. Shipping - within the USA.

Shipping and delivery rates vary depending on your location. Please email us your zip code for a quote.


Our rain barrels come with a 90-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. Defective rain barrels will be repaired or exchanged. Customers are responsible for returning products or shipping charges.



For more information please email us at info@rainbarrels.org or call 404-313-7509...thank you!






Brookhaven Rain Barrel models are Patented Designs listed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), represented by law firm Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C. 2008.